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Welcome to NashCash


In 2016 and 2017, due to the steady increase in Cryptocurrencies and public Interest, many Projects were launched that only had the meaning of tapping into the rising Fiat Market. Many tried to jump on the ever faster moving train by creating a new Cryptocurrency, without meaningful use of the like. Meanwhile, 90% of the Projects have disappeared again. “Shitcoins” were created, which simply had the Goal to steal your Money. Facebook, Telegram, Discord literally exploded over newly-founded, promising Cryptocurrencies and Money-Earning Projects. However, they were nothing more than a Promise. In early 2017, we teamed up to design a Concept for a Cryptocurrency that makes Sense, Background and Value. A Currency that has Stock that is growing steadily and healthy, a Currency that involves potential Buyers and Investors. We want to turn the Community into Creators, not silent Contributors and excluded People. At the present Time Social Media Channels are important Indicators for Feedback, Suggestions for Improvement and new Ideas. Therefore, we are constantly looking for interested People who want to participate and participate in the development of our project. * You're welcome! * We want to evolve with your help. Contact us! During this Time we dealt with the different Blockchain systems (ERC20, Waves, BitCoin Clones, etc.) but we choosed a Cryptonote Fork because of ANONYMITY!

Ticker : NaCa
Total supply : 48.000.000
Premine : 10%
Algo : Cryptonight Lite V1 (PoW)

Blocktime: 60sec
Blocksize : Dynamic
Decimals : 8
Difficulty : retargets at every block

Ring Signatur : 100% Anononym Transaction
Asic and Nicehash Resistand


2016 - 2018

Planning, a lot was planned, a lot of discarded, ideas selected, constructs created and discarded again

Q1 - 2018

Concept fixed after a long planning

Q2 - 2018

Sponsors recruited

Q3 - 2018

Development and completion of the coin for Linux and Windows. Apple will follow later

Q4 - 2018

NashCash in the testnet. Incidentally, the website is being developed. Several times we restarted the blockchain and decided on a premining at this point

Q1 - 2019

NashCash in the Mainnet. Negotiate with Exchanges for a quick listing. The macOS Files and the GUI are finished

Q2 - 2019

Negotiate with other Exchanges for a quick listing.

Q3 / Q4 - 2019

Partnerships and Integration, Mobile Apps and Wallets, Start development of a fork on hybrid (PoW and POS)


2020 and will bring us some tasks to achieve our goal of achieving stable anonymous customer / dealer transactions. The block time is reduced step by step from the current 60 seconds to about 5 seconds. Terminal devices are programmed so that they can understand and process the blockchain. Cards and the NFC technology for payment are being developed


You can single mine NashCash with your CPU. With CPU/GPU you can mine NashCash on Pools. If You are an Pool owner and want to support NashCash, feel free to contact us. 

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Pools (official)

For a faster synchronization of the blockchain, download the checkpoint file

Download checkpoints.csv

Save it to the folder with the daemon and start the daemon in
Windows (cmd) NashCashd.exe --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv
and in Linux and macOS with the flags: ./NashCashd --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv.
The checkpoints are always up to date

Exchanges and Cointickers.




First: You have to Start the Programm NashCashd and let it load the Blockchain on Your Computer. It takes some times.



While the Daemon syncs with the Blockchain you can create a wallet with Zedwallet (it explains itself)


How to setup Wallet?

Step One: Go to Download, download the File you need and extract it to an Folder your choice. Run ZWallet, type „2“ to create a Wallet, enter your Walletname e.g. mywallet. Choose a Password (we highly recommended to write down everything from now on, if you loose your password or the Mnemonic Seed, your Funds can NOT BE restored. After that you´ll get a Message: “It looks like NashCashd isn't open!” Now start NashCashd.exe. You can download the Blockchain (it will take a while) or you can use our Bootstrap-Download, so you only have to download the missing Blocks.


ErrorMessages on ZedWallet: Transaktion Size to Big

Sometimes Zedwallet may issue errors like: Failed to send fusion transaction: MixIn count is too big or Your transaction is too large to be accepted by the network! This is because the blockchain is still very "young" and does not find enough outputs to mix the transaction. Zedwallet will try several times to split the transactions and send the sum in several parts. These messages will gradually disappear as more and more transactions are on the network. You can also try to optimize the wallet to reduce these messages. It will take some time to optimize the wallet.


What is a Payment ID?

A very important point in the Cryptonote network is the Payment ID. It is taken to anonymize transactions to exchanges. However, for an Exchange to credit the transaction to the right user, they need a Payment ID. You absolutely have to specify a Payment ID (which you get from your Exchange), or your NashCash will be lost !!! If you know the wallet you want to send a transaction to, you do not need a payment ID (friends, well-known).



You can DO IT! Go to downloads, download the MinerClient, extract it to a Directory your Choice. Start it with these parameters on Linux (On Windows you only need to enter your address): --address (followed by its wallet address) --threads 1 (for example, indicate that you are using a thread of your cpu mines. you should specify a maximum of one thread less than the total number of yours cpu).



for any further questions, look in discordforum or mail us

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