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About NashCash

NashCash is a crypto currency for absolutely anonymous payment transactions. Transactions can be made very easily with our wallets. With the Mobile Wallets you have the possibility to use QR Codes or NFC technology, we are still working on a card solution for terminals. Our own BlockChain is based on security, simplicity, speed and anonymity. Unlike Bitcoin, a NashCash block time only takes one minute instead of 10. With Bitcoin, anyone can track your transactions in Block Explorer at any time and view the content of your wallets. This is not possible with NashCash due to our obfuscation technology. In short: NashCash makes the BlockChain what it should be. A solution for anonymous, fast transactions, anytime, anywhere.

Coin specifications

NashCash is based on a completely anonymous blockchain with Node Servers all over the world. 
We designed the blockchain to handle extremely low fees for transactions.

Here are some short specs:


  • Ticker: NACA
  • Supply: 48.000.000 
  • Decimals: 8
  • Algo: Argon2/Chukwa (PoW)


  • Blocktime: 60sec 
  • Blocksize : dynamic
  • Difficulty : retargets at every block
  • Blockchain nodes all over the world


  • Cross platform usable
  • ASIC Resistant
  • Ring signatures
  • Fully Encrypted Blockchain


  1. Planning, a lot was planned, a lot of discarded, ideas selected, constructs created and discarded again
  2. Concept fixed after a long planning
  3. Sponsors recruited
  4. Development and completion of the coin for Linux and Windows. macOS will follow later
  5. NashCash in the testnet. Incidentally, the website is being developed. Several times we restarted the blockchain and decided on a premining at this point
  6. NashCash in the Mainnet. Negotiate with Exchanges for a quick listing. The macOS Files and the GUI are finished
  7. Listed on First Crypto Bank (trading pair BTC; LTC; DOGE)Negotiate with other Exchanges for a quick listing.
  8. Listed on tradecx (NaCa - BTC). Mobile Wallet ready for Android. Webwallet finished. Working on iOS Mobile App
  9. Listed on Nanu Exchange and Coingecko. Start development of a fork on hybrid (PoW and PoS)Working on NashCash EVO to speed up transactions
  10. Listed on Googles Playstore
  11. will bring us some tasks to achieve our goal of achieving stable anonymous customer / dealer transactions. Terminal devices are programmed so that they can understand and process the blockchain. The NFC technology for payment are being developed
  12. Fork to Argon2 at blockheight 505050

Lets start with a Wallet

There are two simple ways to save your NashCash Coins. For the daily use with our webwallet ( or as cold storage with our paperwallet (
Based on the webwallet we have an Android APK which supports NFC. The IPhone APK will follow, as well as the availability in official AppStore sources.
We also have GUI and command line wallets for the most common operating systems


The mining

Mining is an essential part of protecting the NashCash network. NashCash uses Proof of Work (mining). The miners solve a block by computing tasks and thus confirm its correctness. If the block is solved and correct, it is added to the blockchain and the transactions it contains are executed. The first transaction in a block is always a so-called coinbase transaction. This is a reward for the miner who solved the block (in a pool the reward is shared). The more miners there are in the network, the more decentralized and secure the network is. NashCash mining itself does not need extreme computing power like Bitcoin to be successful. One simple CPU, for example, is completely enough.

Mining Pools

This are the official NashCash Miningpools:

all other pools you will find here:
mining poolstats stream

Mining Software

Mining software always works very close to the system as it directly accesses the CPU / GPU. Many antivirus programs and firewalls will alert you. However, this alarm is not necessary. You can create a folder and create the programs there. Take the folder out of the monitoring. This can also apply to wallets, because the daemon works close to the system.

Nashcash One Click Miner

3rd. party mining software

the NashCash one click miner comes together with XMRIG and XMSTAK. Simply specify the settings (GPU/CPU or CPU alone), enter your NashCash address and start

Download One Click Miner

You have to set up the configuration for the pool where you want to mine. how to do this can be found at the respective pools

XMR Stak

for a simple mining experience, without configurations or programs, you can use the webminer
Webminer Minersrepuplic

many thanks to the guys from minersrepuplic


NashCash is listed on this Exchanges. please note that you never send all your coins to one of the exchanges and use these addresses as mining addresses. send only as many coins as you want to trade. is a website where you can mine several altcoins at once. You’re mined coins can be payed out. You also can deposit some coins.Its a JAVASCRIPT Web-miner, through the miner you will earn XMR or WEB and we will convert that into other cryptocurrencies. You also can deposit BTC or GRC more currencies will come. You can exchange BTC or GRC instant into a other currencies with low fees.

Our Team

The team of NashCash is anonymous as the coin itself, For all questions about the coin please join our community at our Discord server or Telegram. Our family there will answer all your questions if you have them. To contact us by mail please send us a mail: our use the form below

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